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office interior designers

Globle School of Management.

This activity demands optimization in every aspect of planning. The client brief was basic & functional. Being a high-tech services was needed like inter continent interaction facility for students to receive a lecture from US based university, and many more basic facilities like laptop charging point for all the class of 50 students at their chair.

The designing concept was “Less Is More”.

commercial interior designer in pune

Ginger the veneer studio.

Stall designing.

In the past I was involved in stall design erection work but while designing it was a total different experience. The key factor in design is it should make statement, give clear message about the product and how you stand apart from crowd. It’s important you leave the mark behind on visitors mind. And as per clients feedback we have achieved desired purpose of his participation in the exhibition.   

We receive the award for this particular stall design.

office interior designers in pune

Grape Board Association.

Designing for commercial space is arguably the most difficult form of interior design due to the extensive diversity of personality types that exist amongst team members working for the organization. Designers will therefore display a natural ability to communicate with many different types of people in order to understand their individual needs.

A true agile workspace aims to re-instate personal space for staff by creating distinctive zones in the office by which they then choose to occupy depending on the task at hand.

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