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test tube baby lab interior designer pune

Test Tube Baby Center.

This was really an interesting project. Unless you understand the procedure & logistics of the mode of operation of test tube. Being very specific & specialized job there are no chances of error in the services like electrical, air pressure in LVF lab and many more. One cycle cost good amount of money, efforts, pain to the end user especially. And we take credit for the sturdy & technically perfect solutions planed during the design, there are no system failures are reported or maintenance call. For this project smooth functionality is the success of design. 

marias salon interior design

Maria's Salon.

Making the most of your space, getting the layout right and creating the right look all on time and within budget can seem a ‘big ask’. Following basics to keep in mind.

Have your salon’s water pressure tested as early as possible. 

Contemplating wall-mounted dryers/processors?

Locate your wash area as close as you can to water and waste outlets.

Think carefully about the floor surface.

Allow sufficient workspace.

Consider island styling units to fit more clients into a tight space.

Stains will happen. It’s inevitable. So darker upholstery tends to be more practical for a hardworking hair salon.

Consider using different light styles to create the right atmosphere. 

Small shallow salon? Use a mirrored wall to trick the eye and ‘double’ your space.

Use partitions to design a tranquil corner for clients away from the bustle of the salon.

A ratio of one backwash to three styling positions is the recommended minimum when you’re calculating your salon budget.

Use colour effectively. It breaks up the salon without reducing the space.

Avoid putting your main retail behind your reception desk. 

mink salon interior decorater

Mink Salon.

This was residential premises converted to a cozy pampering place. We have achieved boutique look with customer friendly & interactive place. Before design thought we need to consider the psychology of the people around and there lifestyle, it is the key for the success of the design. Apart from the very purpose of the salon making it more inviting & gathering place for the people is the design thought.

lakme salon kalyani nagar interor design

Lakme Salon.

This was our 1st salon to execute the design and improvise it technically by planning apt plumbing & drainage system so that client won’t get frequent maintenance for cleaning purpose. It sounds simple but one of the key points while operations. And I think it’s our forte to conclude the design with best functional solutions to the use of the space.      

riders spinnig studio interior designe

Rider's Spinning Studio.

The space come with limitation of small area for such group activity workout. It was one of its kind. Considering the demand of the activity we design the dynamic space with lounge effect and DJ music facility since the activity last for 45 min and to keep up the motivation. The dynamic lighting played very important role in the project. 

Gym Interior Design in Pune

Perfect Fitness.

1st  design thought came into my mind, the design should be educating people  after visiting the location of site. In general I found the knowledge or awareness about the muscle groups, human anatomy is limited. As fitness is my passion and I take sincere efforts while doing gym, It had helped me designing the flow of the people in the gym accordingly, we have placed the equipment around to achieve the optimizing the space and ease of movement. We have put the images showing muscle groups involve while doing particular exercise. And when you know it before workout then it is easy to make muscle mind connection. And get the maximum benefit with lesser weight that is the thought behind the design. Bit technical but befits the people.           

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