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Yashodhan & Ulka Yardi.

Recently we have finished a 2bhk apartment interior project. The client has a IT background & the brief was very simple - “ghar asayale hawe”. And probably what I interpreted was the place to unwinds, cheer, & celebrate life. And working on those line and personality of client. This entire design speaks about the preserving the roots of forefathers. Whatever business we are into when we come back to the nest we want to be who we are as person. The residence should reflect the personality of the occupant.  

The thought always strikes; it was not about showcasing my skills to impress the world.


It is for the occupants to be, what they are.

Clients inquisitive friends & neighbors visited the flat. The get-together extended over midnight & he had to literally push them out of the house after midnight. The next day yashodhan called and the entire family was very excited about the whole experience. He proudly mentioned the feedback received, his friends says guest might have spent more than us on their interior work, but the feel and the warmth they all experienced was very different. 

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Mutha's Farmhouse.

This particular countryside farmhouse is an example of another job done to the customer satisfaction. As per the client's needs, the farmhouse was supposed to be a place to get away from the ‘hustle bustle’ of the city life and spend some quality time in the nature and serene environment of Mahableshwar. 

What I feel from the client's brief, is to create a place to unwind & relax from the so-called sophistication of life. And the space should be interactive. 

The garden surrounding the house from all sides creates a calm and soothing aura around the house and the verandah of the house welcomes the guest. It is a welcoming sight inspired by our own design culture. The verandah also has amenities like swings and informal seating, where one along with their close ones can enjoy the view of the lush green garden even in rain. 

The design of the living room is done with a neutral colour pallet and cementitious texture which adds a rustic feeling to the living room. Multiple doorways leading to the garden outside invokes the feeling of sitting in the garden rather than the living room. The lighting in the room creates a drama between lights and shadows which in turn changes the entire ambiance of the room.

The kitchen is a basic functional kitchen, and interactive.    

This 6000 square feet project did come with a challenge like a pre-developed plinth which was tackled head-on and necessary alterations were done to complete the project.   

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Dr. Debsikdar.

2BHK, Mumbai

Real comfort, visual and physical, is vital to every room.

 Interior Decorators in Pune.

Dr. Debsikdar.

3BHK, Pune

This was total different experience as a designer. what I want is freedom from client to design, ofcourse with budget limitations. In the first meeting Dr Sumita showed complete trust at our overall capabilities and commercials.The design thought considering the client resides in Sangli in lavish bungalow. Though this flat is second home for them, the flat interiors designed in such a way, to match the functionality and luxury feel. Thanks to Dr. Sumita.

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Dr. Nerkar

I would like to share the thoughts or questions came into my mind while conceptualizing the space.

What are you going to be using the space for?  

Will it be multi-functional? 

How many people will be using the space and will they all be using it for the same purpose? Eg: A family might use the same room; someone may be watching TV, while another reads and another is working.

Do you have any existing furniture that you want to use in the space?

How do you want the room to feel, space-wise – open and airy, cozy, minimal, serene?

How much natural light is available and what kinds of lighting will be needed?

What are the focal points of the room and how can you take advantage of them?

Do you need to create focal points?

Is there anything else on your wish list for this room?

Bungalow interior design pune

Kiran Rathi.

Mr. Rathi wants this place to have traditional touch & Mrs. Rathi wants it to be more contemporary this house reflects both the personality. We have delivered a tasteful mixture of styles to cherish. 

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Mr. Dadage

Perception of space is based on body size. Different size spaces suit different size people: one person’s claustrophobic box is another’s cozy nest.

Apartment Interior Design

Pradeep Sinkar.

"The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them."

– David Hicks

Residential interior designer

Raushankumar Chaudhari .

This project was special because it has started in Covid. The main challenge was the architecture has lot many issues including the sizes of the rooms, execution, staircase planning, and no due thought was given to the services planning, the list will go on. Yet we have finished the project in fastest time period in spite of all odds. 


I must say Clients support was phenomenal during the entire tenure. The best part about the project was spontaneous response from the client in every stage of the work. And commercial commitment. The work reflects fusion of the personality of the people stays home. 

3 BHK apartment in Pune

Rohit & Tina Shah .

I remember they had very big filter while choosing the architect for their bungalow project. They been to many designing firms with some of the senior architects, and settled with us probably because, it is our passion for what we do and not the seniority in the profession. Bungalow design adhere to the basic vastu principals. 

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