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How Dream Studio Was Formed. 

Shreyas Mehta

I never thought of business mile stones of life, during my student life, I was studying civil engineering, choose to be an engineer formally to have command over technical aspect and to tell you all it is helping me a lot in my design carrier. After hands on experience in construction & retail designing field my colleague Sai Babu and I formed a designing & contracting firm (S S Associates) to execute humble residential contracts. It has over the years metamorphosed into the leading Interior designing firm in Pune. After working on versatile projects like residence, museum, gymnasiums, Industry, farmhouses, commercial, etc. thought of having identity on to the internet few years back. And it gave rise to “DREAM STUDIO”. I feel we become medium to fulfill dreams in people’s lives.     


Dream Studio, a full-service interior design firm is based in Pune. The company prides itself on combining architecture and interior design to find unique and aesthetically pleasing solutions. 

We believe that the best design concepts are functional, highly efficient and reflect the character and brief of the client.


We believe that client satisfaction is paramount. Our attitude towards service is to strive to exceed the expectations of our client.


Dream Studio is known for creating dynamic & interactive spaces that enrich the personal and business lives off their clients and staff, with over 15 years of experience.

Our Team.

Best Interior Design Services in pune

Shreyas Mehta 

Founder / Lead Designer


My name is Shreyas Mehta, father of two girls, husband to a superwoman, fitness addict, traveler, engineer turned influencer, story teller, space designer, and now founder of Dream Studio. I also contribute to “Aakar foundation”– a foundation that works on child development.   

I always get fascinated by stories, it tells so much about the people’s lives.  

My passion, understanding the people, their personality, and aspirations which really helps me to be creative, to add value to their life. People spend more than 50% of the life in the space we call home. I love to contribute, touch & enhance their lives by designing the space which tells their own story that they cherish forever.

We have established ourselves over the years as one of the versatile interior designing firms in Pune. We have the expertise and skills to infuse creativity and innovation in various challenging portfolio like residential, health, institutional, wellness, museum, etc. We are driven by excellence and provide the best services to our clients with regards to creativity, time, value for money, quality and professionalism.

In my spare time I love to read about fitness, watch Netflix, mobile clicks or go cycling. To know more, connect me on instagram.

Thank you for reading and please feel free get in touch– looking forward to hear from you

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