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Image by Philipp Berndt

Our Services

Feasibility Studies.

Collect the relevant data and brief from our client for the project, and understand the budget and limitation of the projects.

Space Planning.

Prepare conceptual schematics and interact with client, prepare final set off designs for the approval of client. 

Consultant & Specialist.

To consult various service consultants for Electrical, Air-conditioning, Plumbing, Automation, Imports, etc. as per the project need.

Project Co-ordination.

Preparing set of working drawing for the site execution Prepare list of specifications of materials to be used Co-ordination in design finishes like flooring, claddings, paint, roofing materials, lightings, colours etc.

Co-ordination with different agencies for smooth & efficient working.


Furniture Co-ordination.

Co-ordinate for finishing material & hardware selection as per the need of each section. Selection & installation of ready-made furniture as per design flow of the project.

Furnishing & Styling.

The furnishing adds flavour to space and finishing touch for the project concept.

Art & Graphics Consultation.

The finishing touch for the project concept to installation of artwork and exotic accessories from places.

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