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Tips To Consider For a Modern Kitchen Interior

The home is built once in a lifetime for many of the families. The kitchen is an integral part of the design and very important and critical. It is the stomach of the house. Many times you walk into the house and notice the space looks beautiful, still something is missing. Maybe the busy backsplash and countertop are fighting with each other. Maybe the workflow is not efficient.

Even when working with a professional interior designer, kitchen designer, or custom home builder, you need to understand the correct design steps. It helps to avoid any major mistakes that will result in not loving your custom-made kitchen.

If you want to make your kitchen interior look more appealing and extraordinary, you can consider the following few tips.

  • Planning & Layout -

Especially in the kitchen, we emphasize the entire look of the kitchen should be planned and thought about ahead of time. Primarily kitchen layout is deciding how these three essential items, refrigerator, sink, and hob, interact with each other, i.e. the location and space between each. Think about lighting layout, electrical outlets, plumbing hookups, and gas lines and how you live and work in your kitchen space.

  • Select Appliances -

The obvious reason why appliances are to be selected on priority is they need to be accounted for and considered while planning the layout and its services. Knowing how big is a stove, a refrigerator is, will impact the cabinets. Similarly for the sink size will impact overhead space for water purifiers.

It’s not just the size that matters but when it comes to appliances, the look will impact design decisions. As this will impact what other materials we choose.

  • Select Countertops -

The countertops are one of the prominent features of the kitchen. You want it to blend in aesthetically with the entire kitchen design. Make sure you look at the entire slab of the stone because it ended up looking different than the one in the showroom.

The counter height is usually between 32” to 34”. It is comfortable for most people to work at.

  • Select Cabinets / storage -

Storage planning is a crucial feature in the kitchen. It impacts how the kitchen functions. Utensils, grain storage, snacks, crockery, snacks, kitchen equipment’s place, and height will play a functional role for the homemaker in the kitchen working. The look also matters. It's important to make sure you choose the countertops, cabinet color, flooring, backsplash altogether.

While creating storage shelves and cabinets, nowadays there are plenty of options available to make the best use of corner spaces. Professionals can help you personalize your layout and get the most out of the space available.

  • Select Finishes -

A big mistake people make is picking a backsplash that competes for attention with other elements. If you want your backsplash to be the star, then the other elements should be more subtle.

Finishes is a design term that refers to items like light fixtures, knobs and pulls, and plumbing fixtures. Finishes are called that because they do finish the look of a room. They can add character and charm. A lot of kitchens may have similar flooring, cabinets, countertops, or backsplashes. It’s the finishes that set it apart. These elements can make a kitchen feel modern or bring in a more rustic style. Don’t be afraid to have fun with these.

Picking the right paint color can be hard due to the endless choices you have but they matter in design. A common design error is picking a paint that has opposite tones to the rest of the kitchen.

  • Safety –

The kitchen is the most hazardous zone in the home, hence considering safety is an important task to look at the time of execution of gas piping to curved countertop edges, and electricals considering equipment electrical load calculations. Evaluate the induction load appropriately. And spaces between water & switchboards etc.

Contact us to get started on designing & building your customized & dream home kitchen décor. We offer thoughtful & efficient kitchen workspace ideas to make cooking an enjoyable experience.

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