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Ultimate Interior design Ideas That Reflect Your Persona

People tend to resonate with the energy they absorb from their environments. Decorating your home is a very personal business, no matter what some might say. IF the home you stay in reflects your personality that’s the success of the Interior Designer and further, the way interior spaces communicate with the occupants gives certain harmony will be a feather in the cap.

We at Dream Studio Pune go the extra mile in the designing process to infuse the touch human personality.

Knowing yourself is the key

A home is a personalized place, and if you want the designers to give something that would reflect your personality, you too will have to do your homework. Spend some time knowing yourself and your partner or family members to figure out the elements you can relate to instantly, resonating with your personality.

Your ideas can be vague and contradictory. Leave this work to the experts, the best residential interior designer in Pune, to try their hands in your place. Your thoughts and the designer’s interpretation should match to bring out the imagination into a more vivid reality. After all, a great interior design is one that makes you say, “There is no other place like home.”

Dream Studio Pune presents you the latest and very exclusive set of design ideas you can use while designing your place.

  • Don’t Sacrifice Your Comfort –

Comfort is essential, as there’s nothing more frustrating from living in a space that looks like an interior design magazine or a furniture store catalog but that is totally uncomfortable. Merging the stylishness and comfort, with a bit of effort, it’s all perfectly doable.

So while designing it’s crucial to determine what’s comfortable and functional for you. A small example of sofa, some like firm and some like soft.

  • Go by the vibes –

You don’t need to have an immaculate and minimalist living room in order to feel good in your own space. Instead, aim for cozy and friendly vibes, as that’s the only thing that will make your home feel uniquely yours. Of course, that doesn’t mean that your place should be a mess, but when it comes to interior design, don’t be afraid of a casual approach as that will make you feel relaxed, and your guests will appreciate the place that feels cozy and friendly.

  • Fusion & Styling –

The designer have to imbibe not only your conversations regarding designs but a whole lot of your emotions. It is a very different concept. It may include definite elements defining different people of a family or a single person’s unique idea.

Visual elements like paintings, vases, artifacts, and books are the things that can help your true personality shine through. Having handmade jute rug will add a great charm to the living room.

  • Be yourself –

Reading interior design magazines and seeing wonderful homes on Instagram, or in movies and TV shows can sometimes make you feel disillusioned with the state of your own place. It’s easy to get fascinated with a photo you see online, but people forget that homes are often full of stuff such as slippers, coffee mugs, dishes and documents that we need and use every day. So customizing the interior design as per the need of the family will make you feel easy at your own home.

  • Design language –

Your personality is the combination of many little things, so it’s essential to decide which aspects of yourself will be incorporated into your home interior design. If you prefer simplicity and practicality that go with Scandinavian style. Opting for colorful boho decor items will only make you feel overwhelmed with all the quirkiness. Very important aspect, it’s always better to get inspired by your favorite styles than to blatantly copy them, as that will make you feel more comfortable and happier in the long run.

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