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Image by NASA

Vastu Shastra

Vastu approach always has scientific base to it. It is all about the harnessing the cosmic energies & aligning it to the magnetic field of the earth and positioning to latitude & longitude respectively. 

I am trying to figure it out the formula E = MC2, to the vastu corrections. E is energy we can call it sukshma = M is mass sthool (materialistic possessions, vastu) X C is constant (correcting factor or a remedy) If the vastu correction is essential without which reaction cannot happen. To harness the right energy all parameters should fall in place.  This is just a thought process.


I always feel there is behavioral similarity between the any vastu and human. It’s about the energy play.

For example 

We relate south-east zone with stomach – if our stomach is upset we cannot concentrate on anything similar effect we get when our south east zone is upset.

Similarly north- east with brain – if we have as simple as headache we get irritated and cannot concentrate, similar effect or results we get if our north east disturbed.

Similar with south-west – which is the direction of the stability and many more aspects to it. So on and so forth.

I always try to contemplate, we always give due attention to ourselves but in general we are not very keen about our vastu where we & our family spend most of the time, little surprising. And for majority of the people it is there lifetime savings.

At dream studio we take of care orientation of spaces as well as interiors at the planning stage. Which facilitates the customers to save their time, efforts & money to appoint vastu consultant separately.  

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